Maxi Skirts for the Holidays!

Holidays are coming soon! We are only eight days apart from Christmas Eve and nine days away from sharing and opening our presents! December is not only known for its holidays but also for all the events people plan for this month. Weddings, engagements, parties, new years, and other great events take place on December, and that is one of the reasons why we love this month so much! And even though we tend to spend a lot of money getting that special present or that beautiful dress for our particular ocassions, we still love December! One of our concerns as moms is getting our little ones ready for the holidays. We want them to look gorgeous and, in my case, I want Emme to wear a beautiful tutu dress with ballerina sparkly shoes almost every year! The only problem here is comfort. They want to spend a great evening without feeling like their dress is itching, and we want them to look cute and fashionable. So, this year I designed a maxi skirt for Emme, and thought about getting a Black and White fabric because I wanted a change for this year. Every year I always pick up christmas colors but I wanted to try doing black and White. I´ve always wanted a maxi skirt for her, but it is so hard getting them for toddler sizes and that where my inspiration came from. The great thing about the skirt is that it will not botter her during the event, and she looks adorable on it! I hope you like this ootd for your kid and hopefully I´ll be showing more designs for toddlers soon! Stay tuned for more :)








Emme is wearing:

Shirt – H&M

Maxi Skirt – Priscilla Eslo

Sandals – H&M

Accesories – Forever 21

Back to the 90s

When I was in High School my everyday outfit was a pair of flared jeans and a T-shirt. Everything changed when I went to college because skinny jeans were the last hit at the time and they are still ruling our closet. But did you know that those flared jeans you used to wear 10 years ago are back? Yes, they are and I hope they stay for good because I love them! The great thing about them is that they can shape your body even If you are not curvy. I usually wear flared jeans with wedges but this time I decided to go more casual and chill. I added one of my favorite fringe bags and I think the look came up just how I wanted! Don´t be afraid to go back to the 90s and If you loved your flared jeans back in those days, then you are going to love them now!









I am wearing:

Tee – Brandy Melville

Flared Jeans – Tobi

Fringe Bag – Threadsence

Sandals – Forever21

Shopping My Own Design

I recently found an online store that has exactly what I’ve been looking for in a long time: unique canvas shoes! I was getting tired of looking for an specific pattern that I had in mind, until I stumbled upon the Monogenius website. Monogenius is an innovative brand that allows you to shop your own designs. Nobody will have your same exact shoes because you will have control over your unique design!


Shopping at Monogenius is very simple and I would love to share with you how I created my new kicks! Once you have created your design (or selected it from another source), you can go to the website and follow three simple steps to finally have your shoes ready!


First you need to pick from three different canvas styles. I think this was the hardest part for me because all of the styles were great, so I finally chose the ones that matched better with my pattern (The first one in the picture)

PicMonkey Collage

Then, you have to upload your unique design, move all the components and resize your pattern (If necessary)

Screenshot 2014-12-11 13.23.26

And by clicking on 3D view, you’ll be able to see your finished product! You can change the colors for your eyelet, shoe lace, shoe strip and rubber sole!

Now let me introduce you my new kicks completely designed by myself!!! I absolutely love them and I cannot wait to have them and share them with you :) I hope you guys try making your own canvas shoes because the experience is extraordinary, I felt like a designer while doing this, and the best part is that they will be unique!

You can also create special kicks for your little ones because they come in all sizes. I’m already thinking about a second design I would like to do on this canvas shoes!

Go ahead and visit Monogenius and be the genius of your own kicks!


Back to Our First Fashion Blogger

Hello! I know it took me so long to post my mens fashion edition for December but here it is! I decided to close the year with my first guest: Henry Chang (To go back to his first edition please click here) Last time I didn’t have the chance to interview him, so please find below a brief interview we did! And don’t forget to check out his amazing blog: Duke Seriously :)




1) How would you describe your personal style?

Just chillin… I love a good three piece suit, but I also love drop crotch sweats. Been wearing chucks alot these days.

2) What is your favorite season and why? 

Def fall/winter for clothes. Big jackets and boots- I’m a huge fan of woodsy vibes, though I myself don’t rock the look too often.

3) Is there any accesory you must wear for every season?

I have this tiger eye bead bracelet that I never take off… and I try not to leave the apt without a watch.

4) What/Who was your inspiration for creating Duke Seriously?

Popular blogs like The Sartorialist always keep me wanting to blog… but it really was and still is just a casual thing. Sometimes I stumble on girls that seem fun to shoot- so I do. Sometimes I have an outfit that feels good to shoot in- so I do. Sometimes I want a grill cheese sammich- so I make a grilled cheese sammich.

5) When do you plan to launch your leather bags collection?

Hopefully in 2015, but lots of hurdles to jump over…

6) What projects would you like to develop in a near future?

The bag is definitely at the forefront for the near future… but designing and building my own house is on my long term bucketlist.

Photography by: Jinu

Henry is wearing:

Henley – JCrew 

Blazer – Club Monaco

Watch – D&G

Chic Boyfriend Jeans

Welcome back everyone! I hope you guys enjoyed yesterdays Black Friday! There were amazing discounts online and in stores. For todays post I got you one of my favorite looks lately: boyfriend jeans with fancy heels. There are different styles for distressed jeans and even though they can look kind of tomboy, If you pair them with the right shoes and accesories, you will have a chic look. I got my jeans at TOBI which was actually one of the stores with the best online deals for this black friday. To neutralize the look you need a very natural make up so it doesn’t look cheap (For natural make up tips you can go back to my beauty post here) You can wear a blouse instead of the graphic tee I was wearing If you want your look to be more formal. Also, for this outfit I think it is more suitable to wear medium or big size bags because they balance your ootd to get that casual but chic semblance! I hope you guys liked this look and I’ll be back with more ideas! Have a great weekend :)








Photography by: Lucia Urrutia

Shirt – Love Culture

Boyfriend Jeans – Tobi

Heels – Lulus

Bag – Old Navy

Accesories: Forever21

Comfy Choice

One thing girls have in common is: we all have had a bad hair day. So, what can we do about it? We probably don’t have time to iron or curl our hair and we need to go out ASAP. Hats are a great solution! They naturally lower your hair’s frizz and volume without damaging your hair, and they can be a great addition to your everyday outfit depending on your style and type of attire. For todays post, I got you a very comfortable ootd that you can wear for any casual ocassion even If you were wearing heels. I added a caramel shoulder bag to my outfit and I loved the outcome. When you are wearing an all black ootd and you want to look fresh and stylish, it is important to add a different color to one of your accesories. I also went for flat sandals because my foot needed some rest lol. I hope you guys liked this ootd and I’ll have more ideas coming up soon! Stay tuned and don’t miss my following post :)









Shirt – H&M

Skirt – Forever21

Studded Sandals – Forever21

Hat – Souvenir Maritza

Shoulder Bag – Burlington

Bloggers United: Two Different Styles

Todays post is about joining two styles from two different bloggers. My special guest for today is a peruvian DIY blogger: Deyanira Munoz. Besides creating amazing DIY projects and tutorials for her blog, Deya brings such a positive energy and you can notice it through the shots. The whole idea was to present two outfits for a semi-formal occasion. You would think OOTD #1 (Deya’s) is more formal than semi-formal, but actually the fact that she whore see-through pants turns the outfit into a semi-formal. And I bet you are thinking the opposite about my outfit since I was wearing a graphic tee, right? But my shoes give the outfit a different turn and transforms it into a semi-formal, which was our intended goal :) We had so much fun doing this shoot that we’ll definitely work together in the future! So stay tuned because we’ll be back and don’t miss my upcoming posts with more ootd ideas!









Deya is wearing:

Blouse – Thrift store

Pants – R&B

Pumps – Charlotte Russe

I am wearing:

Graphic Tee – Forever 21

Skirt – Threadsence

Heels – Lulus

Bike Ride with Style

Welcome back moms! A few weeks ago, I shared a post on my style wearing something lil Em is wearing today! Do you remember what it is? Yesss, the headband! I’ve told you that sometimes it is hard to find stylish accesories for kids, specially girls, so you can go to an adult store and pick up girly hair accesories and make sure they will fit into your little ones head. This time, she wanted to go for a bike ride, which was not a very good idea since the weather was warm, but luckily it changed 15 minutes later and it started to cool. Remember that it is more important for your children to feel comfortable with their clothes but, If they can feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time, that is a plus, and you definitely need to try it! I hope you can take some ideas from this OOTD for your little girls and I will be back with more ideas on kids fashion! Stay tuned :)








Emme is wearing:

Shirt – H&M

Skirt – Carters

Shoes – H&M

Headband – Forever21

6 Steps for Turning your Scarf into an Amazing Turban

Hi guys!!! Some of you asked where I got the turban from my previous OOTD, and I thought: Why not showing people how I did it? So I recreated the scene and brought you six easy steps on how to create your own and unique turban! All you need is a scarf! Yes, as simple as that; choose your favorite scarf and you are set! You can even wear all the turbans you want for different ocassions depending on your scarves pattern. It’s easy, fun and you’ll have a turban for every situation! So go ahead and try :)








Photography by: Lucia Urrutia

I hope you guys try this out and you can always send me pictures of your unique turban created from a scarf so I can post them on the social networks! Have a great day and stay tuned for more ideas :)

Monochromatic plus a Pop of Color

One of the latest trends from these past couple of years are monochromatic outfits.  The great thing about them is that you don’t need a secret weapon to get the perfect combination. All you need are tops, bottoms and accesories in the same color; dressing in one color is a very easy way to look fancy and stylish. This time, I decided to wear a one color outfit but I wanted to add something different to make the look funnier and more dynamic. I wore a very colorful turban to add a pop of color to my ootd and make it less formal but still chic. I chose high waisted distressed jeans because my blouse was more business casual and my intention was to portray a more relaxed but still chic look. Besides my one color choice, my stilletos added a touch of elegance to my whole outfit and that is how I keep the balance between casual, formal and stylish. You got to pick the right levels of attire and you will be set!








Photography by: Lucia Urrutia

Blouse – Forever21

Jeans – Color Boutique

Stilletos – Steve Madden

Turban – Vintage

Ring – Forever 21