Bloggers United: Two Different Styles

Todays post is about joining two styles from two different bloggers. My special guest for today is a peruvian DIY blogger: Deyanira Munoz. Besides creating amazing DIY projects and tutorials for her blog, Deya brings such a positive energy and you can notice it through the shots. The whole idea was to present two outfits for a semi-formal occasion. You would think OOTD #1 (Deya’s) is more formal than semi-formal, but actually the fact that she whore see-through pants turns the outfit into a semi-formal. And I bet you are thinking the opposite about my outfit since I was wearing a graphic tee, right? But my shoes give the outfit a different turn and transforms it into a semi-formal, which was our intended goal :) We had so much fun doing this shoot that we’ll definitely work together in the future! So stay tuned because we’ll be back and don’t miss my upcoming posts with more ootd ideas!









Deya is wearing:

Blouse – Thrift store

Pants – R&B

Pumps – Charlotte Russe

I am wearing:

Graphic Tee – Forever 21

Skirt – Threadsence

Heels – Lulus

Bike Ride with Style

Welcome back moms! A few weeks ago, I shared a post on my style wearing something lil Em is wearing today! Do you remember what it is? Yesss, the headband! I’ve told you that sometimes it is hard to find stylish accesories for kids, specially girls, so you can go to an adult store and pick up girly hair accesories and make sure they will fit into your little ones head. This time, she wanted to go for a bike ride, which was not a very good idea since the weather was warm, but luckily it changed 15 minutes later and it started to cool. Remember that it is more important for your children to feel comfortable with their clothes but, If they can feel comfortable and look stylish at the same time, that is a plus, and you definitely need to try it! I hope you can take some ideas from this OOTD for your little girls and I will be back with more ideas on kids fashion! Stay tuned :)








Emme is wearing:

Shirt – H&M

Skirt – Carters

Shoes – H&M

Headband – Forever21

6 Steps for Turning your Scarf into an Amazing Turban

Hi guys!!! Some of you asked where I got the turban from my previous OOTD, and I thought: Why not showing people how I did it? So I recreated the scene and brought you six easy steps on how to create your own and unique turban! All you need is a scarf! Yes, as simple as that; choose your favorite scarf and you are set! You can even wear all the turbans you want for different ocassions depending on your scarves pattern. It’s easy, fun and you’ll have a turban for every situation! So go ahead and try :)








Photography by: Lucia Urrutia

I hope you guys try this out and you can always send me pictures of your unique turban created from a scarf so I can post them on the social networks! Have a great day and stay tuned for more ideas :)

Monochromatic plus a Pop of Color

One of the latest trends from these past couple of years are monochromatic outfits.  The great thing about them is that you don’t need a secret weapon to get the perfect combination. All you need are tops, bottoms and accesories in the same color; dressing in one color is a very easy way to look fancy and stylish. This time, I decided to wear a one color outfit but I wanted to add something different to make the look funnier and more dynamic. I wore a very colorful turban to add a pop of color to my ootd and make it less formal but still chic. I chose high waisted distressed jeans because my blouse was more business casual and my intention was to portray a more relaxed but still chic look. Besides my one color choice, my stilletos added a touch of elegance to my whole outfit and that is how I keep the balance between casual, formal and stylish. You got to pick the right levels of attire and you will be set!








Photography by: Lucia Urrutia

Blouse – Forever21

Jeans – Color Boutique

Stilletos – Steve Madden

Turban – Vintage

Ring – Forever 21

Emergent Ekoglammer

I constantly expressed my fascination by October and it was no secret I didn’t want this month to end. But todays post made me want to move on to November as fast as an asteroid. The main reason is todays special guest: Sergio Salmerón. We are not only talking about an incredibly stylish icon but a very talented jewerly designer who is becoming a major hit in Nicaragua and worldwide. Sergio is the creator/founder of Ekoglam – a brand aimed at developing products from recycled materials. Besides of being a synonym of sustainable fashion, Ekoglam offers high quality, fancy and exclusive jewerly designs for men and women with different product lines such as necklaces, bracelets and ties. What I love the most about this brand is getting glam & personalized products that will make me unique from everyone else’s style. Even though Ekoglam offers the same message from all its amazing products, each design has a characteristic that will fit into different styles. As you will see from the shots, Sergio has a great sense of style, and Ekoglam couldn’t be out of his amazing ootd. I hope you guys enjoy this outfit and its beautiful accesories and you are more than invited to visit and follow Ekoglam on facebook, twitter & instagram and I’ll be revealing the website very soon since it is still under construction. Lets all become Ekoglammers and don’t miss the interview below!









1. ¿Cómo describirías tu estilo personal?

Definir mi estilo es un poco complicado ya que es una  búsqueda  constante de saber que va  con tu cuerpo que  colores te quedan que  colores no… y saber adaptar las tendencias  a tu personalidad… soy una persona  extrovertida y trato de vestir  a mi ropa  no que mi ropa  me  vista  a mi… lo importante es proyectar  tu esencia  en cada  pieza y volverla una extensión de tu personalidad… si tuviera que  definir una palabra mi estilo diría que es una mezcla entre “vintage-urbano”

How would you describe your personal style?

Defining my style is a little tricky because it is a constant search of what will fit better with your body, what colors look good on you, and what colors don’t… and it is about adjusting trends to your personality… I’m an outgoing person and I try to wear my clothes and not let my clothes wear me.. I think it is important to scheme you essence in every piece and turn it into an extension of your personality… If I had to define my style in one word I would say it is a mix between “vintage-urban”

2. ¿Qué tendencias te gustaría que se convirtieran en un clásico?

Creo que el sportswear, adoro ver a las personas con outfits bastante ligeros y no con tantas capas de telas en sus cuerpos.. hay que recordar que vivimos en un clima tropical y existen telas que nada que ver con nuestro clima.. así que pues ya es cada cosa de cada persona pero si.. yo opino por algo super ligero.. y el tomboy.. que esta en furor y el tropicalstyle.

What trends would you like to become a classic?

I believe in sportswear, I love watching people with light outfits and not too many layers in their bodies… We need to remember that we live in a tropical country and there are fabrics that have nothing to do with our climate… so it’s really up to every person.. I vote for something light… and tomboy…which is a hit right now as well as tropicalstyle.

3. ¿Qué tendencias te gustaría que desaparecieran?

Las cejas tatuadas… las detesto… me parecen tan corrientes… creo que no hayo nada mas hermoso que ver algo bastante natural y en muy buena armonía…

What trends would you like to see disappear?

Tattooed eyebrows…I hate them…they are so tacky… I think there is nothing more beautiful than natural beauty…

4. ¿Cuál fue tu inspiración para crear Ekoglam?

Ekoglam nació con la necesidad, de crear conciencia sobre el reciclaje creativo en Nicaragua. Enfocado en la moda sostenible porque es algo que muy pocos conocen y que realmente es bello porque nos  hace  reflexionar  sobre lo que usamos y consumimos, valorar que la tierra no es una fuente  inagotable de recursos sino nuestro soporte  vital… Amo la moda.. pero también mi vida esta muy ligada  a la ecología entonces, Ekoglam es la fusión de mis dos pilares vitales: la moda.. y el amor a la naturaleza.

What was your inspiration to create Ekoglam?

Ekoglam was born with the need to create awareness on creative recycling in Nicaragua. My idea was focused on sustainable fashion because it is something that few people know and it’s truly beautiful, and also makes us meditate on what we use and consume, to value earth as a life support instead of an inexhaustible resource… I love fashion… but my life is attached to ecology, and that’s what Ekoglam is, the merger of my two favorite pillars: fashion and love for nature.

5. ¿Qué proyectos has realizado recientemente con tu marca y cuáles piensas desarrollar en un futuro cercano?

Lo mas reciente el Nicaragua Diseña, que la verdad fue todo un éxito… el apoyo que recibí  de la organización fue maravilloso, esto consolido mi marca a otro nivel, el hecho de compartir con tantas personas escuchar sugerencias, y  muy buenos comentarios sobre la cosificacion y estura de mi marca.. fue bastante  llenador.

Proyectos a futuro tengo montones.. me encantaría  contártelos todos.. pero  la verdad es un proceso… y mientras no estén del todo cocinados  no puedo comentártelos.. pero si te adelanto que pronto Ekoglam, estará en Europa :)

 What projects have you done recently and which ones do you intend to develop in a short term future?

The most recent project is Nicaragua Diseña, which was a complete success… I received a lot of support from the organization, and this helped my brand to get consolidated, it was great to share my experiences and being able to receive advices and helpful comments about my brand..I felt accomplished.

I have a lot projects for the future…I would love to tell them all but I’m still on the process… and for now I can just tell you that Ekoglam will be in Europe very soon :)

Sergio is wearing:

Shirt – Zara

Pants – H&M

Leather Jacket – Vintage

Shoes – Vintage

Necklace – Ekoglam

Bracelets – Ekoglam

Halloween Special: Maleficient Horns

Tomorrow is Halloween and some of you probably don’t have a costume yet, and that’s where I’ll save your night lol. I got you a quick, easy and great tutorial for a halloween accesory inspired in one of my favorite disney movies of 2014: Maleficient. You are probably thinking where will I get a maleficient costume for tomorrow? Even though it seems like a very elaborated costume, you can pull it off with your own clothes and some materials – that you probably need to get, but you’ll find them at any store. First you’ll need a maxi long sleeve black dress which I think every girl has or at least you mom has one. Or you can get a cheap one at any trift shop or ask your friends, everyone has been Morticia once lol. And now what? Easy! You just need the horns now! And that’s exactly what I’ll show you in this tutorial :)

You’ll need:

- An old headband 

- Black electric tape

- Crepe paper

- Silicone glue

- Rope/cord or a thick wire

- Black ribbon (just in case your headband is not black)


1. First you need to cut off two pieces of rope the length you want your horns to be. You can shape the cord before you cut it to make sure they are long enough or you can shape them until you have cut them.


2. Wrap the cord with the crepe paper.



3. Using your black electric tape, wrap the entire horn


4. Now cover your headband with the black ribbon using sillicone glue


5. And finally, using your sillicone glue again, paste the horns into the black headband, wait until the glue dries and you’ll have your maleficient horns ready to wear!


Easy right? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you are more than ready to become maleficient for halloween this year! See you guys soon and Happy Halloween!

Neutral Florals

Sometimes we think that combining black and white for your ootd is so last year, but NO! You can still do it but keeping it stylish. One thing about these two colors is that they will always look good together and If you wear the right accesories/patterns, you’ll never look old-fashioned. For todays look I thought about adding a pop of yellow or green but then I realized, why not just go with the classic black and white without adding any other color? The floral pattern gives a fresh aspect to the whole B&W outfit and makes it look juvenile and stylish. The headband on the other hand, presents a more relaxed but classy look, and at the end my neutral ootd doesn’t look like the usual black and white outfit, it looks more stylish and fun to wear!







Dress – Love Culture

Sandals – Forever21

Headband – Forever21

Accesories – Forever21

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Trick or Treat Special: Owl Mask

Welcome back everyone! I’m sorry I was away for almost a week but I’m back now and ready to post more ideas for you! Mommies, I told you I was going to help with your kids costume and I hope this post will make that promise happen lol. I thought about working on an accesory and not the whole costume, because sometimes accesories can turn you in any character you want. I picked an owl because they are very trendy right now, not only for teens and yound adults but also for kids. Every little thing from a notebook to a backpack comes with owls. However, you can pick your kids’ favorite animal because the whole point is being whoever/whatever you want for halloween! So let your child decide. This tutorial is very simple so I really hope you enjoy it and lets begin!

You’ll need:

Foamy paper/ Foamy towel paper (4)


Silicone glue

Elastic ribbon


1. Print out two copies of your owl’s mask template


2. Cut the two circles from one of the templates


3. Use the templates to cut the mask and eyes on the foamy paper (I chose the colors below but you are free to choose your kids favorite colors)


4. Make holes in the big and small circles for the eyes and also in the owl’s mask, and use the sillicone glue to put everything together. Cut a little triangle from the orange foamy towel paper for the owl’s mouth and add it to the mask.



5. Using tiny scissors, make two holes at the endings of your mask and tie an elastic ribbon on them


And now you are ready to get some candies!!! Trick or treat?!


Fall just came in here!

This time I decided to go for a walk. Yes, in NYC! Weather is perfect for wearing your favorite boots, jacket and scarves :) The thing about combat boots is that you can wear them for both hot and cold climates and that is awesome because they become super useful! I love black combat boots because they match with everything, but when deciding which color was best, I picked beige. The reason for my choice was because I loved how they looked with my favorite shorts and also I wanted something different. Black is a great choice too, I still want them in black, but I’ll probably get a different style. My scarf is 100% handmade in Costa Rica, I got it at S&P crochet. They have the greatest styles for both adults and children. If you wanna get a personalized hand-made scarf or hat contact the store and I’m sure they’ll be happy to do it! (The store’s link is on the bottom right side of the blog) Please feel free to ask questions on the comments box below, I’ll be happy to answer them! See you soon!







Sweater – Forever21

Jacket – Forever21

Jeans – Urban Outfitters

Scarf – S&P Crochet

Combat Boots – Urban Outfitters


Polka Dot & Leather on ND 2014

This weekend was exciting and exhausting lol. One of the major events of the fashion industry in Nicaragua took place this past weekend: Nicaragua Diseña (ND) – a fashion show presenting a group of talented nicaraguan designers and their collections. I told you a little bit about this event on my post about Carlos Aleman – the fashion designer starring on my second edition of the dudes fashion section. His collection Folklora was just as I predicted and even better, in fact, all the designers did an amazing job with every single piece of cloth they worked on. During the runways, there was also a fair with stores selling nicaraguan products only. For this event, I decided to go with a two-piece polka dot dress. Something that I loved about this dress was the high neck top because it makes the dress look different than other two-piece dresses similar to this style. I wore strappy leather heels that are so IN right now, and the best part is how comfy they are! If you are attending extended events you better go with comfy shoes. And finally, to complete my outfit I used a leather electric blue clutch made in Nicaragua. I thought this color would match better with my outfit and I definitely loved the outcome. I hope you guys liked this look and I invite you to come to ND next year because it gets so much better every year! Have an amazing monday :)







Photography by: Deyanira Munoz

Dress – Forever21

Strappy heels – Charlotte Russe

Clutch – Souvenir Maritza

Accesories – Forever 21