Back to the Renaissance Era

Who would say that a renaissance painting could become a trend in fashion? I bet that’s the same feeling people had about animal prints or even real feathers on clothes. Nobody knew what the reaction of these trends would be on people until they became available. Luckily, there was a great acceptance for those trends and they are now becoming a classic. What about a vintage painting on your shirt or dress? I honestly love them, and I really hope this trend can become standard! This week I went to visit a military base built-in 1893 which allowed its soldiers to watch their enemies back in the day. The base then became a prison, and nowadays it is a tourist area where you can enjoy a beautiful view to the lake and the volcano. I thought my dress was perfect for the history of this place since it has vintage painting patterns, and even though the dates between the military base construction and the renaissance era are different, they both make us go back to the past and learn more about our worldwide history. I hope you guys like this new painting pattern and lets hope we can wear more of our worlds history! See you guys soon and stay tuned for more outfits!









Photography by Lucia Urrutia

Dress: Forever21

Ankle Boots: Forever21

Rings: Nasty Gal

Necklace: Nasty Gal

Lace, Florals, Nature and more!

Sundays are always amusing until it starts raining lol. It is funny how the weather can change completely within five minutes. We were having a nice get together with food, music and a great sunny but cool weather, and suddenly the whole picture changed. But lets go back to the sunny hours we enjoyed lol. I brought you a very fresh but stylish look for this summer and besides being very fashionable, it is comfy. This is something you need to take into consideration when dressing your little one, because you obviously want your child to look amazing no matter what, but he/she needs to be comfortable with his/her clothes. When I first saw these lace shorts I went crazy and got them for Em, the store didn’t have her size in stock so I went ahead and got a bigger size and then adjusted it myself to her real size. At the same store I found this beautiful floral shirt that can be used with leggins or jeans and it looks perfect! I added a lace headband to her outfit – a lot of people ask me where do I get her headbands? Well, most of her headbands are from adult clothing stores, so just try to find a headband that is able to adjust to smaller heads and that’s it! And finally, she is wearing strappy sandals – which are very in right now – so If you or your kid still don’t have one of these, go and get them! I hope you guys like this post and I’ll be having more ideas for kids fashion! See you soon and stay tuned :)









Emme is wearing:

Top – Epk

Shorts – Epk

Sandals – H&M

Headband – Urban Outfitters

New trends: High Neck Tops and Stripes

Today is Friday!!!!!! I bet you are all excited about the weekend cuz I’m too, lol! It’s not about being on vacation, I think it is more about changing your routine and doing something you didn’t get to do during the week days. I brought an outfit that I believe is pretty suitable for the weekend. You can wear it on a friday night, a satuday or sunday lunch, or any other weekend outing. High neck tops are very in this season and lately you can see neck crop tops because of the huge demand crop tops are having right now. Mine is a high neck crop top and it comes with stripes- which are very trendy this season too- I love wearing crop tops with high waisted jeans, but it’s not a rule, for example, you can wear this same top with a pencil skirt or a pair of shorts and let me tell you, it looks amazing! I’ve tried different outfits with this same shirt so don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t seen! I hope you guys have an amazing weekend and take a look at my shots and maybe you’ll take some ideas for your OOTD of this weekend! See you guys soon and stay tuned for more ideas!!!









Photography by Gabriel Jimenez

Neck top – Forever21

High waisted jeans – Love culture

Wedges – Urban Original

Ring & Bracelet – Forever21

Fashion Designer in Summer Tribal

Hola everyone! We have finally reached September :) The 1st day of each month I will be posting a new and fresh face for the mens fashion section, and today I want to introduce a newly and talented fashion designer named Carlos Aleman. He has a major in graphic design and currently works at an advertising agency. He started with his brand “Mestiza” last year and was selected in Nicaragua Diseña (ND) - one of the most important events of the  fashion industry in Nicaragua – to show his first collection “Di Blu” which I personally loved and was a complete success. He is now working on his second collection “Folklora” and will be participating in ND again this year, so I’m super excited and I can’t wait to shop the entire collection! Carlos is not only gifted in his career as a designer, he is also very stylish and you can see how he matches every piece of  cloth to get the perfect outfit in the following shots. His outfit is great for the summer, and I think I’ve seen him wearing this same shirt with a pair of shorts and it looks amazing too! You can try it both ways and wear the outfit for different occasions whether you are wearing jeans or shorts. I also tried out a new effect on the photos -since I usually post very natural looking pictures- so I can give them that creative personality Carlos has.

1. ¿Cómo describirías tu estilo personal?

Una palabra: simple. Me gusta verme sin complicaciones, mostrar lo relajado que puedo ser incluyendo humor en algunas cosas, usando colores, estampados, accesorios o cualquier otro articulo. No soy seguidor de la moda, por que es un producto de todo aquello en lo que nosotros creemos o vivimos, no de lo que otra persona dicta. (Yo se suena extraño viniendo de un diseñador)

How would you describe your personal style?

One word: simple. I like seeing myself uncomplicated, showing how relaxed and amusing I can be about some things, using colors, prints, accessories or any other items. I am not a  fashion follower, because that is a product of everything in which we believe and live, not what someone else dictates. (I know it sounds strange coming from a designer)

2. ¿Cuál es tu prenda favorita de la última temporada?

Estampados Florales para hombres, demuestra ese lado delicado que todo el mundo ocultaba antes. Crea una sensación tanto suave como ecléctica en quien lo usa.

What is your favorite garment from last season?

Floral prints for men, because they show a delicate side that everyone hid before. They also create a smooth and eclectic feeling everytime you wear them.

3. ¿ Cuál es la prenda que menos te gusta de esta última temporada?

Birkenstockssandals! Simplemente me recuerdan a extranjeros (Dirty Hippies) sudados sin un propósito en su vida! #StopUsingBirkenstocks

What is the garment that you dislike the most about this last season?

Birkenstockssandals! They remind me of foreigners (Dirty Hippies) sweaty without a purpose in life! #StopUsingBirkenstocks

4. ¿Cuál consideras que es el estilo de tus diseños?

Soy bastante conceptual, en el proceso creativo, me gusta crear personajes para entender que usaría o que no, por eso cada una de mis colecciones tienen y siempre tendrán un nombre femenino. Apuesto siempre por comodidad, formas lineales, simples pero con contenido. Me gusta pensar como Cristobal Balenciaga y ver el diseño de moda como arquitectura sobre el cuerpo humano, un reto lineal sobre tantas curvas.

How would you describe your designs?

I’m pretty conceptual, in the creative process, I like to create characters in order to understand what they would wear or not, so each of my collections have and will always have a female name. I always go with comfort, lineshapes – that are simple but full of content. I like to think like Cristobal Balenciaga and look at fashion design as architecture on the human body, a linear challenge on many curves.

5. ¿Quién o qué fue tu inspiración para el tema de tu nueva colección? 

Este año, Me inspire en Alfonsina Storni y su obra melancólica del mar, para obtener colores referentes a la playa, telas con textura natural y rígida. Agustin Lara fue otra fuente de inspiración que termino de afinar las cualidades del personaje de esta temporada, Folklora. LA colección finalmente se volvió un homenaje a mi abuela.

Who was your inspiration for the theme of your new collection?

This year, I was inspired by Alfonsina Storni and her melancholy novel about the sea, concerning beach colors, natural and rigid texture fabrics. Agustin Lara was another source of inspiration that ended up polishing the qualities of character this season, Folklora. In the end, the collection became a tribute to my grandmother.

6. ¿Tienes planes en un futuro de hacer diseños para otra línea como bolsos o zapatos por ejemplo?

La verdad, me encanta el diseño de accesorios , pero no creo ser tan bueno, jajajaja, prefiero el diseño de estampados o serigrafía. Me gustaría hacer una línea mas divertida e informal de prendas, probablemente, camisetas. Algo así como la hermana menor de Mestiza, pero creo que aun debo esperar que mi firstchild crezca lo suficiente jajaja.

Any plans in the future to create another line for handbags or shoes for example?

Actually, I love accessories design, but I don’t  think I am very good at it, lol, I prefer serigraphy or printed design. I would love to make a more fun and casual clothing line, probably with  T-shirts. It’ll be like Mestiza’s younger sister, but I think I need to wait until my firstChild is a grown up lol.

7. ¿Cuáles son tus diseñadores favoritos (nacionales e internacionales)?

Uhh tengo varios:

Francisco Costa, Director Creativo de Calvin Klein; Amo a Alexander Wang! Tomas Maier de BottegaVeneta, AlberElbaz de Lanvin, Jean Charles de Castelbajac, GiambattistaValli, Alessandro del Acqua, Michael Kors

… podría seguir jajaja, pero estos son siempre mi top y de quienes siempre veo colecciones de sus temporadas! :D

Who are your (national and international) favorite designers?

Uhh I have several:

Francisco Costa, Calvin Klein’s Creative Director; I love Alexander Wang! Tomas Maier de BottegaVeneta, AlberElbaz de Lanvin, Jean Charles de Castelbajac, GiambattistaValli, Alessandro del Acqua, Michael Kors

… I could go on lol, but these are my top designers and I always watch their collections! :D

8. Y para los que morimos por comprar, ¿cuándo y dónde estará disponible tu ultima colección?

Gracias a la proyección del Nicaragua Diseña, pues he pensado en abrir el primer fan page en las redes sociales más populares como Facebook, twitter e Instagram. Voy a vender y proyectar la ropa por esos medios para luego tener una boutique online en donde pueda formalizar aun mejor el proceso para que la gente consiga prendas de Mestiza.

Está claro que cualquier avance de la marca, Priscilla EsLo va  a ser de los primeros en saberlo J

And for all of us who are dying to buy your collection, when and where will it be available?

Thanks to ND projection, I have thought about opening my first fan page on the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I’ll be selling clothes and projecting them through that media so I can have an online boutique later on, where I will be able to formalize the purchase process for everyone interested in Mestiza.

Obviously Priscilla Eslo will be the first one to know about any progress on the brand :)

I invite all of you to ND on October 4th & 5th for a full preview of the new collection “Folklora” cuz I’m pretty sure It’ll exceed our expectations! And we’ll have more of Carlos style very soon so stay tuned :)


Carlos is wearing:

Tribal print shirt – Banana Republic

Jeans – Pacsun

Shoes – Sperry shoes

Belt – Kenneth Cole

Accesories – Ekoglam

Trinket – Carlos Aleman


Denim and Florals

Yesterday I went to a new coffee place that has an amazing view to this beautiful lake. I got a smoothie because the temperature was unbearable and I couldn’t let my body have hot coffee or anything hot. Hot drinks plus hot weather do not go well together. I think my outfit was very appropiate for the season because florals are like the number one choice for summer. I know it becomes contradictory the fact that I was wearing a long sleeve shirt in this hot season, but sometimes you have to balance your outfit. If you are wearing something short for your bottom, then you can have a pretty great combination wearing something long for your top. And you can do it the other way around (something long for your bottom and short for your top) This isn’t a rule, you can wear a short top and a short bottom but you have to be careful about the kind of cloth pieces you are joining together so it won’t look tacky. I’ve done outfits with both short tops and bottoms and they come out great! So, it’ll depend on you selection. I really liked how light denim looks with florals and I invite you to try out this combination, it doesn’t have to be exactly like mine, just try putting together denim and florals and I bet you are going to love it as much as I did! See you guys soon on my next post!!!








 Photography by: Lucia Urrutia

Tank top – Forever21

Denim shirt – Forever21

Skirt – Love Culture

Strappy sandals – Urban Outfitters

Necklace – Forever21

All Black in one piece

Hello everyone! I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! For the last week of this month, I would love to share my favorite one piece suit which I wear for different type of formal ocassions. For this kind of jumpers, you definitely need accesories. I always combine gold with this black jumpsuit because I love how the combination looks, and also I love wearing my black and gold Steve Madden stilletos. I wore a bracelet that I got from a new online store named pontelo accesorios. I love that they have so many options for accesories plus free delivery. You can find a direct link to this store on the right side of my home page and you can also follow the store on IG @pontelo_accesorios. I hope you guys enjoy this last week of the month and I bet September is going to be a great month for more interesting posts and ideas!!! Have a great week!







Jumper – Forever21

Stilettos – Steve Madden

Necklace – Forever21

Bracelet – Pontelo Accesorios


Braided Bun

Everytime I’m having bad hair days I usually go by the regular ponytail or just a bun. I have to say hair buns are my favorite because I have a lot of hair so when it gets messy, the hair bun will make it look great. Sometimes I get bored of the same bun, so I try different ways to wear it. Last time, I decided to braid my bun and it came out just perfect! I absolutely loved the outcome so I would love to share it with you!

To start with the tutorial, you just need two elastic bands and some pins.

1. Make a regular braid and secure it with an elastic band

IMG_9292 - Copy

2. Take your braid and circle it around your hair tie

IMG_9298 - Copy

IMG_9301 - Copy

IMG_9303 - Copy

3. Secure the braid with some pins and that’s it!

IMG_9309 - Copy

IMG_9316 - Copy

I hope you guys liked this quick and easy hair tutorial and I’ll be happy to post more ideas for beautiful and easy hairstyles that can be done without irons or curlers. Stay tuned for more tips!

Emme the explorer

Welcome back mommies! This time we were exploring a new spot where we could sit, chill and just stay for the day. I decided that a pair of boots were perfect for Emme because we were not sure about the place and it is better to prevent in these type of situations. She was very comfortable and I love the boots because they are not the regular boots. These are fringed suede boots and they are great for both hot and cold weathers. When accesorizing your little one, specially a girl, a hair accessory is the clue. You don’t need jewerly or expensive diamonds, a headband/hairclip will do the entire job. Sometimes it’s hard to find these type of headbands for kids, so I recommend you get it at adult stores. The one Em is wearing is from urban outfitters, so you won’t necessarily find hair accesories that you love at a kids store. Since I got the headband, I never found a garment that could match and look great with it until this white tribal dress. The design is so beautiful and it matches with sandals, boots and basically all type of shoes, and you can even wear it with leggins for the Fall and it looks amazing!

I hope you guys liked this post and I’ll be showing you more fashion for kids! I’ll have one for the little boys soon, so stay tuned!










Emme is wearing:

Dress – H&M

Minnekota boots – Zappos

Headband – Urban Outfitters


Natural eye in 3 steps!

Hello everyone! For my beauty section, my intention is to share my personal tips and tricks so you can take some ideas and try them out! For my first post, I wanted to start with something pretty simple and that I use almost everytime I have a casual meeting. I will be using the “love & beauty natural palette” by forever21, but you can use any palette that has natural colors on it.



For this tutorial, I will be using only 2 eye shadow colors (the ones selected on the picture) Eye shadow colores will vary depending on your skin tone.

Like I said before, this natural eye make up will be completed in three simple steps:


1. Select the lighter color and apply it to the brow bone



2. Select the darker color and apply it to the crease and lid (but don’t apply too much of this color, and try to fade it as much as possible)


3. Apply mascara and you are ready!


Thanks for staying tuned in my first make up trick and I’ll be posting more of my personal tips for beauty soon :) I will also have tutorials for green/blue eyes with special guests! I hope you guys liked this one and see you soon!

Melville Girl

I went to Florida on the weekend to visit some relatives. They live in a lake house. It’s a pretty comforting environment and I love the fact that you can enjoy the wind on your face and it doesn’t ruin your hair lol. I’m wearing my new favorite pair of boots, they are so stylish and you can match them with skinny jeans, shorts, dresses and skirts! I love crop tops with high waisted jeans and I felt the combination with similar colors for my top and bottom was a great idea, and I really loved how the outfit came up! I hope you liked this outfit and I will have more ideas coming up!










Crop top – Brandy Melville

Jeans – Asos

Boots – Forever21

Ring – Love Culture